• Brake Sticker Helmet Sticker
  • Shifter Sticker DSC Sticker
  • Twisties Sticker Oil Cap Sticker
  • Cone Sticker Nurburgring Sticker
  • Piston Sticker Checkered Flag Sticker
  • Tachometer Sticker Drift Sticker
  • Coilover Sticker Torque Sticker
  • 94
  • Stickershift is a series of high quality automotive enthusiast stickers designed for iMessage.

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    A small sample of the 94 stickers available in Stickershift.

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    About Stickershift

    Helmet Icon

    Stickershift is a small project by Mark Jardine. I’m a designer and car enthusiast. Stickershift stickers and icons are designed and owned by me. They may not be used outside of their intended use unless otherwise stated. Stickershift is developed by Paul Haddad and published by Tapbots, LLC.

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